Pat is a triple threat: Ridiculously talented creative leader; unflinching strategic brainiac; amazingly entertaining individual to be locked in a war room with. If you haven't had the honor of working with him, you're missing out on something very unique and special...

Pirisi is the kind of creative guy that every account guy wants to – and really needs to – work with at some point in their career. He fully immerses himself in the client’s business, quickly gaining a deep understanding and, more importantly, a perspective on the broader business, competitive and category context. And once he has that, he bangs out idea after idea that stand out, make clients a bit uncomfortable (in the right way) and backs them up with sound, strategic rationale. On top of that, he’s got loads of energy, great boardroom presence and a tell-it-like-it-is attitude that makes the people that matter, listen.

Pat brings a unique perspective to any project and is a terrific story teller. Taken together, these traits seem to be just what it takes to be a great creative director.

I really enjoyed working with Pat on a number of communications initiatives. Pat always brings a fresh and creative perspective to business challenges & takes a real interest in the results. He is personable, intelligent & understands that sometimes saying less, is in fact saying more. I highly recommend Pat for any creative project that requires a fresh approach.

An energetic, talented, passionate, award-winning creative director/writer with experience in just about any category you can imagine, but particularly automotive, telecom, financial, packaged goods and beverage alcohol. And did I mention energetic.

Pat is the quintessential creative thinker, always ready with a new angle or a new idea. A master at telling the story and strategic in his methods of unveiling and presenting. Pat is continually evolving and adapting. He passionately believes in his craft of creating meaningful, lasting and ultimately effective advertising. Pat always manages to bring a fresh approach to the industry that is multi faceted as well as witty with some humor to make it memorable. It has been my great pleasure to work closely with Pat at Kia and more recently at Suzuki.

What I knew about Pat before I started working with him: he’s an incredibly well regarded creative director with a resume, reputation and list of awards that is beyond impressive. 

What I discovered about Pat soon after I started working with him: he approaches the business and craft of advertising with an enthusiasm and joy that is absolutely contagious. 

An amazing guy to work both for and with.

During my time at Publicis, Pat played an integral part in helping me come into my own as a writer. He was a great mentor and I still use many of the things he taught me to this day. Fun to work with, charismatic, and always hell bent on finding fresh and innovative solutions, Pat is the prototypical big ideas guy with the rare ability to impress both conceptually and as a leader.

What an awesome experience working with this man.

Pat is a seemingly endless source of creative energy whose writing demands attention, provokes reaction, stirs emotion.

He is also a leader with a gift for creating campaigns that force an opinion. Rich work that grabs the target by the lapels and gives them a shake. On auto, retail, alcohol, telecom, professional sport – no matter the creative challenge – Pat would bring a fresh and compelling perspective every time, elevating the team's thinking. You could count on Pat to find unique ways to bring light to a struggle, to kick at a problem until it yielded a smart creative solution or integration idea.

Beyond his inspired writing, Pat earns piles of respect from clients and colleagues alike because of his sharp strategic instinct, his dedication to craft and his unrelenting passion for championing strong, original ideas.
He is on all the time: on fire, on guard, on his game. He lays it all out there and inspires others to do the same, resulting in great work and great results for clients.

I look forward to the next time we work together.

I had the pleasure of working closely with Pat for many years on a number of high profile clients at Publicis. Pat is a brilliant advertising strategist and a prolific writer. There are very few people in this business who can get to an insight as quickly as he can. Pat is extremely well read with a wide range and deep body of knowledge, He is one of the smartest people I know in or outside of advertising. He has extremely high standards for his work, cares deeply about his craft and is a hoot to work with. I'd work again with Pat in a heartbeat if given the opportunity.

Pat was with us for years. His work speaks directly to his talent and capabilities. This is one very solid creative guy. Our agency reel is better because of him. Atop his creative prowess is one funny individual who's insight and observational skills almost always lead to laughter. Doing amazing work and busting a gut along the way, who doesn't want that?

Pat and his partner led the creative efforts for our agency's largest account, Nissan/Infiniti. During the two years we worked together they produced some of the most successful campaigns in the client's history. Pat's creative was always entertaining, and always insightful...he's extremely passionate about creating great work, but open to other ideas and mindful of the business objectives at hand. I firmly believe Pat will deliver stellar work in any situation.

Pat is a Passionate creative guy, who is highly committed to bringing value and great work to build brands
I enjoyed working with him.

Pat is one of the most passionate, hardworking, strategic minded creative directors I have ever had the opportunity to work with. Pat is equally committed to all elements that come together to create brilliant creative - insight, strategy and creative execution. As I look back on all the creative I have been involved with over the past 25 years the work that Pat did ranks as some of the best!

Pat truly gets the importance of marrying strategy to creative that breaks through the noise AND drives business results.

In the advertising campaigns that Pat worked on for our Solid Waste Management division, he brought passionate creativity and a unique perspective. The result was Chuck and Vince, an award-winning series of ads that went viral and were heralded all over N. America. Without Pat's vision, energy and determination, we would never have created C&V.

I have had the pleasure of working with Pat over the past two plus years at Publicis on both the Chrysler and Labatt accounts. Pat consistently delivered superior creative, established strong senior client relationships, and acted with the highest level of integrity and professionalism on all occasions.

Pat brings a strategic and business problem solving focus to every project. He dives deep into the client business and delivers creative solutions that drive business results. His work on the Dodge Journey established a hard working, multi-year creative platform that helped the brand achieve #1 share in it's segment. This on a product that suffered from low awareness and even lower purchase intention. On Labatt (Keiths, Blue) Pat's positioning and creative messaging helped stabilize Market Share and significantly improved Brand Opinion.

I thoroughly enjoyed partnering with Pat and hope to do so again in the future.

Pat is a passionate and highly creative person. He truly understands the craft of advertising and puts his heart and soul into the development of the idea.

In my capacity as Assistant Director of Marketing of Kia Canada, I worked with Pat on a number of high profile campaigns for the Canadian Market. In every instance he brought tremendous insight, creativity and care to the project at hand. He understoods the broader context of how a brand image takes shape, and the role that each campaign plays to build it. It is my pleasure to endorse his work, and recommend him without reservation.

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